Recycling Has Offered Recycling Solutions to Businesses in the Northwest

Founded in 2001, EFI Recycling is one of the largest, family-owned commercial recycling companies in the Northwest. The company specializes in recycling paper, corrugated cardboard, plastic film, newspaper and magazines.

EFI Recycling is committed to excellence and employs sophisticated technologies and state-of-the-art recycling equipment to efficiently collect, sort and recycle materials.  In addition to providing recycling solutions, the company offers commercial waste management and brokerage services to help businesses manage their waste, recycle more and save money.

For almost 10 years, Pacific Northwest companies have trusted EFI Recycling to handle their commercial recycling needs with convenient, affordable service. Here’s why:

  • EFI Recycling consistently monitors the market to ensure a fair market price to clients for all materials;
  • EFI Recycling offers live, personal customer service. Client relationships are very important to us and we are committed to being a consistent and fair business partner;
  • We have invested in and are equipped with the most sophisticated technology available to collect and recycle a wide array of paper, cardboard and plastic film products.
  • EFI Recycling is proud of the company’s business model which works to protect the environment by removing waste from landfills, reusing already processed materials and reducing the demand for new paper, corrugated cardboard and plastics.
  • A committed community partner, EFI Recycling also gives back to local businesses by purchasing their recyclable waste, creating a steady revenue stream.

Contact EFI Recycling today to schedule a free waste audit. Our trained staff will evaluate your waste streams, collection practices and disposal bills to determine which materials can be reclaimed and at what price. There is absolutely no charge and no obligation. Contact us today!