Portland-Based Company Provides Local Businesses with Rebates for Recyclable Items

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 27, 2010In 2010, EFI Recycling, a commercial recycling and brokerage company based in Portland, Ore., gave its Portland clients rebates totaling $3 million, both helping local businesses and stimulating the Portland economy. The company purchases recyclable waste from its corporate clients and then sells the materials to domestic and international paper mills that produce recyclable paper products.

“We view each of our clients as a business partner, and it’s our goal to reduce their expenses and increase their profits by providing them with the biggest return on their recyclable waste,” said Scott Jenkins, vice president and COO of EFI Recycling. “Many of the companies we work with receive significant compensation for items that would otherwise be viewed as waste. Through our collaboration with partner companies, many Portland businesses are receiving the extra funds needed during trying economic times.”

EFI Recycling handles the selling of waste paper, plastic and corrugated cardboard on behalf of its commercial clients, leveraging extensive expertise and significant recycling volumes to negotiate the best prices possible.

About EFI Recycling:

EFI Recycling (Environmental Fibers International) is a family-owned business located on Swan Island in North Portland, Ore., and maintains facilities with the most sophisticated technology to collect and recycle a wide array of paper, cardboard and plastic film products. EFI Recycling is widely recognized for its consistent purchase and supply of quality recycling products and services.